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It is easy to find the right driver for your installed device. We have the most supported Toshiba Mouse / Keyboard Drivers available for Free Download. And for the most popular Toshiba products and devices. Use our custom search to find popular Toshiba Mouse / Keyboard models. You can also search our whole driver archive to find the exact driver that fits your needs. Browse the list below of the most popular Toshiba Mouse / Keyboard devices to find yours. Or go for automatic driver updates and get the correct Windows driver with just one click.

The best way to fix your PC to run at peak performance is to update your drivers. Below is a list of our most popular Toshiba Mouse / Keyboard support software and device drivers. First select the Model Name or Number of your device. Next click the Download button. If you do not find the right match, type the model in the search box below to Search our Toshiba Device Driver Support Database. You may see different versions. Choose the best match for your PC.

Need more help? Discuss driver problems and ask for help from our community on our Free Driver Help Forum. Or you can request a driver and we will find it for you. We employ a team from around the world. They add hundreds of new drivers to our site every day.

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Download Drivers for Popular Toshiba Mouse / Keyboard Models

Model Rating Filename Size Total
Toshiba Mouse / Keyboard Driver Update Utility
DriverAssist-Setup.exe1.6 MB216,405 Free Download >>
Satellite L755-S5213 DriverSatellite L755-S5273 DriverSatellite L755-S5275 DriverSatellite L755-S5277 DriverSatellite L755-S5280 DriverSatellite L755-S5282 DriverSatellite L755-S9530D DriverSatellite L755D-S5218 DriverSatellite L755D-S5227 DriverSatellite L755D-SP5165RM DriverSatellite L755D-SP5166FM Drivern/aTC30511200D.exe37.7 MB36 Free Download >>
Satellite A300-ST3511 Driver
driver_touchpa... 00C.exe29.1 MB167 Free Download >>
Satellite U405-S29153 Driver n/autil_hotkey_os... 01a.exe7.1 MB6 Free Download >>
Satellite C655-S5208 DriverSatellite C655-S5212 DriverSatellite C655-S5235 DriverSatellite C655-S5237 DriverSatellite C655-S5240 DriverSatellite C655-SP4164M DriverSatellite C655-SP4168M DriverSatellite C655-SP4169M DriverSatellite C655-SP4170M DriverSatellite C655D-S5200 DriverSatellite C655D-S9511D Drivern/aTC30511200D.exe37.7 MB51 Free Download >>
Satellite P745D-S4240 DriverSatellite P745D-SP4161M DriverSatellite P750-BT4G22 DriverSatellite P750-BT4N22 DriverSatellite P750-ST4N01 DriverSatellite P750-ST4N02 DriverSatellite P750-ST4NX1 DriverSatellite P750-ST4NX2 DriverSatellite P750-ST5N01 DriverSatellite P750-ST5N02 DriverSatellite P750D-BT4N22 Drivern/aTC30511200D.exe37.7 MB23 Free Download >>
Microsoft PS/2 Port Mouse Driver n/a110ntmse.exe738.3 KB244 Free Download >>
Satellite L45-S7423 Driver n/adriver_hotkey_... 32A.exe1.5 MB832 Free Download >>
Satellite A215-S5822 Driver n/adriver_infrare... 00C.exe9.3 MB7 Free Download >>
Satellite A85-S107 DriverSatellite A85-S1071 DriverSatellite A85-S1072 Drivern/asa85tpenable.exe6.1 MB7 Free Download >>
Satellite C55-C Driver n/atpdrv-20160523134415.zip127.1 MB18 Free Download >>
Toshiba AccuPoint and Serial Mouse Driver
tosmouse.exe657.9 KB765 Free Download >>
KB9805 KB-9805 Driver
Kb9805.exe1.7 MB2,881 Free Download >>
A205-S4607 DriverSatellite A205-S4577 DriverSatellite A205-S4607 DriverSatellite A205-S4617 Driver
driver_touchpa... 55C.exe6.5 MB12 Free Download >>
M200-ST2001 DriverQosmio F45-AV411 DriverQosmio F45-AV423 DriverSatellite A200-ST2043 DriverSatellite A205-S5810 DriverSatellite A205-S5823 DriverSatellite A205-S6808 DriverSatellite A205-S6812 DriverSatellite A205-S7458 DriverSatellite A205-S7464 DriverSatellite M205-S3207 DriverSatellite M205-S3217 Driver
driver_touchpa... 42B.exe6.5 MB12 Free Download >>
Satellite A205-S4639 Driver n/adriver_infrare... 00C.exe9.3 MB139 Free Download >>
Satellite L505D-S5965 Driver n/adriver_touchpa... 00B.exe22.4 MB11 Free Download >>
Satellite A355D-S69301 Driver n/adriver_touchpa... 98B.exe27.6 MB1 Free Download >>
Satellite P305D-S8995E Driver
util_hotkey_os... 01a.exe7.1 MB514 Free Download >>
Satellite A100-S2311TD DriverSatellite A105-S1711 DriverSatellite A105-S2021 DriverSatellite A105-S2031 DriverSatellite A105-S2041 DriverSatellite A105-S2051 DriverSatellite A105-S2061 DriverSatellite A105-S2071 DriverSatellite A105-S2081 DriverSatellite A105-S2091 DriverSatellite A105-S2111 Drivern/asa100thotkeyx.exe2.5 MB12 Free Download >>
Satellite A665-S6050 DriverSatellite A665-S6067 DriverSatellite A665-SP6001L DriverSatellite A665-SP6001M DriverSatellite A665-SP6002L DriverSatellite A665-SP6002M DriverSatellite A665-SP6003L DriverSatellite A665-SP6003M DriverSatellite A665-SP6004L DriverSatellite A665-SP6004M Drivern/aTC40175400A.exe3.1 MB3 Free Download >>
Satellite P755-S5278 DriverSatellite P770-BT4G22 DriverSatellite P770-BT4N22 DriverSatellite P770-ST4N01 DriverSatellite P770-ST4NX2 DriverSatellite P770-ST5GX1 DriverSatellite P770-ST5GX2 DriverSatellite P770-ST5N01 DriverSatellite P770-ST6GX1 DriverSatellite P770-ST6GX2 DriverSatellite P770-ST6N01 Drivern/aTC40175400A.exe3.1 MB5 Free Download >>
Satellite L875-S7245 DriverSatellite L875D-S7230 DriverSatellite L875D-S7232 DriverSatellite S870-BT2G22 DriverSatellite S875-S7240 DriverSatellite S875-S7242 DriverSatellite S875-S7248 DriverSatellite S875D-S7239 Driver
TCA0082300D.exe107.5 MB121 Free Download >>
Satellite P845-S4200 DriverSatellite P845-SP4262M DriverSatellite P845-SP4262SM DriverSatellite P850-BT2G22 DriverSatellite P850-BT2N22 DriverSatellite P850-ST2GX2 DriverSatellite P850-ST2N02 DriverSatellite P850-ST2N03 DriverSatellite P855-SP5201SL DriverSatellite P855-SP5261M Drivern/aTC00455300J.exe126.5 MB34 Free Download >>
Satellite P855-S5200 DriverSatellite P855-SP5201L DriverSatellite P855-SP5261SM DriverSatellite P855-SP5362SM DriverSatellite P870-BT2G22 DriverSatellite P870-BT2N22 DriverSatellite P870-ST2GX2 DriverSatellite P870-ST2N01 DriverSatellite P875-S7200 DriverSatellite P875-SP7260M DriverSatellite S855-S5252 Drivern/aTC00455300J.exe126.5 MB32 Free Download >>
Satellite A665-S6092 DriverSatellite A665-S6097 DriverSatellite A665-SP6010L DriverSatellite A665-SP6010M DriverSatellite A665-SP6011L DriverSatellite A665-SP6011M DriverSatellite A665-SP6012L DriverSatellite A665-SP6012M DriverSatellite A665-SP6013L DriverSatellite A665-SP6013M DriverTecra R850-S8513 Drivern/aTC30511200D.exe37.7 MB6 Free Download >>

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How to Install Drivers

After you have found the right Toshiba Mouse / Keyboard device driver, follow these simple instructions to install it.

  1. Power off your Toshiba Mouse / Keyboard device.
  2. Disconnect the device from your computer.
  3. Reconnect the device and power it on.
  4. Double click the driver download to extract it.
  5. If a language option is given, select your language.
  6. Follow the directions on the installation program screen.
  7. Reboot your computer.

Visit our Driver Support Page for helpful step-by-step videos

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